Classroom & School Security (Part 2)

Well… Here’s a list of options and their functions:

-CLASSROOM SECURITY FUNCTION LOCK allows only the key holder to lock the door from only the outside. An intruder isn’t able to come in but the key holder has to exit the room to lock the door.

OFFICE FUNCTION has a turn button that locks and unlocks the outside lever. The key in the outside lever doesn’t unlock the lever; so in an emergency the door is able to be locked on the inside whether the key holder is around or not.

CORRIDOR FUNCTION can be locked or unlocked with a key on the outside and push button on the inside to open the door. This lock is self closing.

But in the advance technology time that we’re in…. many schools look to the option to eliminate the use of keys all together and have remote access to the classrooms. This also eliminates the various copies of keys floating around and you can also program users to see who is coming and going, which is called ELECTRONIC ACCESS CONTROL.